5 Reasons to Join in with Your Kids While They’re Crafting

Children are always looking for opportunities to spend quality time with the grown-ups they love. If you find getting in the mood to play difficult, try getting creative with them instead. Here are 5 reasons to join in with your kids while they’re crafting:

Improve your wellbeing

Modern life and the ever-growing list of responsibilities we face in adulthood mean it’s hard for most of us to switch off and relax. Yet it’s crucial to both physical and mental wellbeing that we all frequently stop, unwind and live in the moment. Sitting down with a craft activity is a wonderful way to slow down and immerse yourself in the present moment; when you’re painting, stitching or modelling clay – you don’t have time to be thinking about your upcoming weekly schedule or to-do list.

Creative thinking and problem solving uses both sides of the brain, logical (left) and emotional (right) which helps build connections and strengthen mental agility. While artistic expression can help us (and our children) maintain a positive self-identity and help manage negative emotions.

Build connection with your kids

How many times have you tried to ask your children about their day only to be met with grunts and frustration? It’s understandable. Like us, often when our kids have busy minds after a full-on day, they need time to de-stress and slowdown before they’re ready to chat. Sitting down with a craft activity together is a great way to allow them space, provide an opportunity for them to express themselves and then provide prompts for connection when they’re ready. Wonderful conversations can occur when you’re both relaxed and sat closely, bonding over your creations.

Unleash YOUR creativity!

Getting creative for the sake of simply having fun is not a pastime saved only for children. Let yourself explore new materials and see what you can do with them – because you can! It doesn’t matter what the result is, enjoy the process and unleash your creativity in new ways. If your only experience with arts and crafts is school lessons many years ago, it’s time to approach creativity with a new freedom. Break the rules! Paint with your fingers and toes, use clashing colours and make a mess rather than needing to create something ‘realistic’. Be silly with your kids and discover how fun creative play can be for adults too.

Help your kids get to know you better

Crafts are a brilliant way to express yourself. Your personality, your emotions, your experiences – they can all be shown through craft. By crafting with your children, they get to see a new side of you and learn more about your likes, dislikes and story.

 See things from their point of view

It’s easy to forget that our children see the world from a completely different perspective to us. They literally see things from a different height! Not only this, they have their own experiences and personalities shaping their thinking and guiding their choices, creative and otherwise, and it’s fascinating to see this in action. By sitting with our children and crafting we can stop and chat about the decisions they’re making and get to know them better, in all their uniqueness.

Do you feel you missed out on creative fun when you were a child? Read our blog ’20 Kids Crafts Every Child Should Try Before 12’ and see which activities you can tick off. It’s never too late to enjoy arts and crafts!