8 Ways to Unleash Your Child’s Creativity Beside Crafts

Nurturing a child’s creativity is one of the most valuable things we can do for them during their childhood. We were all born to create. Yet sadly many adults have forgotten how to use and enjoy their natural ingenuity. At Oglee Poglee, we’re determined this won’t be the case for the next generation – and it’s not all about crafting either! Here’s how to unleash your child’s creativity in other ways:

Get dancing

Dancing is a brilliant way to get the creative neurons firing without need for any resources or mess. Let them express themselves however silly their dance moves look. Who knows, you might learn a move or two…

Make more of music

Aside from being a prompt to get dancing, music can be used in lots of different ways to boost creative thinking. Use it as a backing track for exercise, mealtimes, doing the cleaning – your children will learn from the use of different rhythms, instrumentation, dynamics and lyrics. Encourage them to make their own sounds with home made percussion, real instruments and sounds they can make with their bodies too!

Practice storytelling

Another easy way to inspire creative thinking: let their imagination free with storytelling. Tell each other funny stories, read together, ask them to come up with different endings to their favourite books, take it in turns to come up with the next part in an imaginary tale – be playful and make experiencing stories fun.

Talk to them

Our children are so wise and insightful when we give them the time and respect they need to open-up. Allowing our children to be fully who they are, at any age, is a wonderful way to unleash their creativity as they freely express their opinions and ideas. Build connection and boost their creativity by talking to them as much as possible.

Build with Lego

Lego – it’s a classic. Lego is brilliant as it offers open-ended creative opportunities as they build anything their imagination (and their bricks) allow.

Get out and explore

Help your children to see creative opportunities everywhere they go by exploring the world together and discussing what you find. Talk about the colours and textures that you see about your day, discuss how other people have overcome problems and what has been designed and built etc, go to museums and enjoy food together, discussing ingredients and how your food may have been made. It all helps in encouraging our children to think about the creative processes which take place all around us.

Step back and let them problem solve

Another one of the ways we can empower our kids and help them be more creative is to step back and let them use their creativity to solve problems. The next time they come across a challenge and ask you for help, ask yourself whether you could encourage them to solve it on their own before stepping in.

Let them play!

Finally, don’t forget the importance of simply letting kids PLAY! Play is a child’s most natural mode of expression and a vital way of exploring and processing their understanding of the world. All forms of play are creativity in action – so if you’re ever feeling under pressure to do more with your kids (when all they want to do is stay lost in their imaginative play) stop, relax, and let them be little.

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