Creative Heroes Club: Mission Two

Following the success of our launch event, Creative Heroes Club: Mission Two took place on Saturday 2nd February.  Once again the families did themselves proud and worked together to solve what was, quite a tricky challenge.

Oglee Pip had continued his adventure, left the strange planet with the help of a rocket booster back pack (created in Mission One).  But like most of Pip’s adventures all did not go to plan and after being sucked into a black hole he awoke to find himself tiny and stuck.  Trapped in a glass jar on a table laid with food.

So what would  you do in this situation? Time for a bit of a think……….

  • Has Pip shrunk or has the world around him got bigger?
  • Who has trapped him in the jar, are they friendly?
  • What advantages are there to being really small?
  • How can Pip escape form the glass jar?
  • What might make Pip’s time in the jar more comfortable?

The great thing about Creative Heroes Club is that there is no right or wrong answer to any of these questions.  The children can decide what is important to them and how they want to help Pip.  Then with their family for support and a huge array of tools and materials to experiment with, they can turn their ideas into a reality.


For Charlie it was crucial that Pip escaped and so he invented a super ladder so Pip could climb out of the jar.  This ladder was cooler than most because it also had a slide and a trampoline that propelled you out of danger and onto your next adventure.

Jacob and his mum felt a spot of magic was required and made a very well crafted silver wand for Pip to use.   Luca also believed in a spot of magic and that this challenge needed unicorn power.  His colourful unicorn brought Pip a silver ladder and then together they flew away to safety.

Eve designed a working grapple hook using straws, a tube and string!  I was so impressed.  A quick flick of the wrist and out shot the hook and a long length of rope for Pip to climb up.  A genius idea.

Bjarni was intrigued by the black hole that had got Pip into this tricky situation and decided to use it as an escape plan.  His invention harnessed the heat from some Birthday candles to blow up a balloon.  Once over inflated the balloon would burst with such ferocity that it would create a new black hole into which everything would be sucked including Pip.


Martha focused on making Pip’s current situation more comfortable by carefully making a miniature bed and tin foil cutlery.  Gracie-Mae also wanted Pip to be happy and created a very detailed little living space for him complete with bed, fish tank and umbrella.


Finn  explored the possibility that someone had put Pip in the jar.  He drew around his sister and then painstakingly cut out a cardboard person and added them to the kitchen set up.  A blindfold was added and clever Finn had created the perfect opportunity for Pip.  Pip could escape and his captor would be none the wiser!

A Small Problem

Genevieve and her cousin were a great team and together invented the “Re -Growinator”, which as its name suggests was to help Pip grow bigger.  Georgiana also wanted to help Pip grow and her colourful stilts were perfect for the job.  Bree and Freya’s bouncy shoes were another inspired idea.

As usual Pip was spoilt for choice with all the amazing inventions.  This is only a few of the cool things that were made during that wonderful afternoon.

Each and every thing the children create then goes onto inspire Pips next adventure.  Mission Three is currently being planned and I can’t wait.  Book your family place to experience the magic for yourselves.

So what did I learn from Mission Two of Creative Heroes Club……

  • That my job really is the best job in the world
  • Never underestimate children. They have ideas buzzing around their heads that an adult could only dream about.
  • Balloons are lots of fun!  Adding different materials to your inventing can spark new ideas.
  • Imagination and make believe is not just for little kids, adults love it too.
  • Spending time as a family playing together, listening and exploring new things really is precious.

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