Creative Heroes Club

Parents, shake off your grown-up responsibilities for the day and let your kids take the lead. Creative Heroes Club is a chance for your children to unleash their creativity. You’ll be amazed by their ingenuity.

A printable challenge that encourages children to problem solve and use their imaginations to the max.

Follow Oglee Pip on an adventure with our illustrated story, then become a family of creative heroes by inventing and creating something to save Oglee Pip from a tricky situation.  Simply download and print out the challenge pack, read through the guide, gather some craft supplies together and invite your family to come and play.

Following the Oglee Poglee ethos of no right and wrong creativity, the children can decide how they want to help save the day.  There’s no need for specialist equipment you can create with anything you have in your house.

With endless possibilities each printable challenge offers the whole family hours of creative playtime. Try some of our handy extended learning ideas and that’s your whole weekend of family entertainment sorted.

Challenges can be downloaded anytime, simply print it off and get ready to unleash your child’s creativity. To help with the national lockdown Challenge One is free with the code Funtimes until March 2021

What to Expect

Creativity helps children to understand their world and develop as individuals. Creative Heroes Club will help your children to practise all the creativity skills that the future needs them to have; curiosity, open mindedness, imagination and problem solving.

Enjoying a creative activity together is a great way to allow children the space and opportunity to express themselves. They can develop and refine their ideas, practise listening to others, try new things and grow in confidence. Who knew future-proofing the kids could be so much fun!

Each printable challenge pack contains:

– A challenge guide

top tips on getting the most from your challenge

– An illustrated adventure story

for extra fun why not colour it in

– Open ended creativity

can be enjoyed by all ages from toddler to tween

– Thought provoking questions

perfect for getting little ones problem solving

– Space to draw

let your ideas flow, the more the merrier

– A heroes certificate

celebrate your achievement

– A giant heroes badge

make and wear your own heroes badge

– Themed learning ideas

extend your child’s learning with our cool ideas

The Challenges

Please start with Challenge One as each challenge is a continuation of the story so best to start at the beginning!

Share Your Adventure!

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