Children’s Parties – Finding the right venue

Your child has big birthday plans; they’ve picked the party theme and you have discovered a brilliant party entertainer, it’s just the venue to sort out!

A party at home is a great idea for small gatherings but what if you have invited a whole class of energetic children? Finding a suitable venue to host a children’s party can be a bit over whelming. As a party entertainer I have partied in lots of different venues from large conference centres to small village halls. All have their pros and cons so here are Oglee Poglee’s top tips for choosing the right venue for your children’s party.

Focus on your top priorities

The venue you chose needs to work for the type of party you are planning. Does the venue need a stage, is a carpeted floor a benefit or a hindrance? Do you want outdoor space for a summer party or a venue with loads of space for a soft play set up.

Plan early

The best venues will get booked up quickly so plan ahead and get your date secured as soon as you can otherwise the choice of venues will be limited.

Good parking

Even if you party guests are local and can walk to your party make sure there is a parking space at the venue for your party entertainer and yourself. You will have a car load of stuff (food, decorations, kids and presents) and there is nothing more stressful then not being able to park when time is precious.

Kitchen facilities

Whether you are planning hot or cold food, a clean well equip kitchen is a saviour. Even the most organised of us can forget the cake knife or the matches so if there are some at the venue it’s a great help.

Tables and chairs

Does the venue have tables and chairs that you can use? Most church halls do and if the venue is also used by a preschool or toddler group there might be children’s sized tables and chairs available.


Some venues are spotless whereas others have seen better days and could do with a good scrub. If you have really small children that will be playing on the floor a nice clean venue will put your mind at ease.


The cost of hiring a venue can vary depending on the size of the venue and its facilities. Do check what the hire fee includes when you book to make sure there are no hidden extras. Some hired halls are now asking the hirer to have public liability insurance. Do ask whether it is a requirement when you book.


Choose a venue that can cater for the amount of guests coming to your party. Remember that you need to give the party entertainer some space and also seat your guests around tables to eat. Venues that have two or more rooms can work really well with the party entertainment in one room and then food in the other. Younger children love to run around a bit more so go for the biggest space you can find.


If you have big decorating plans do check with the venue to see if you decorate the room for your party. Some halls don’t like you to put anything on the walls. If that’s the case you can focus your decorations onto the party table or go for free standing decorations like balloon sculptures for the wow factor.

How to find a party venue near you:

  • Local Councils normally have a list of local venues to hire including Council owned and non Council owned, so check out their website.
  • A local Facebook group can be a good place to ask other parents for their recommendations
  • Church and village halls offer good local facilities and are a great starting point.
  • Look to see where other local groups hang out. Scout huts, meeting houses and preschools will all use child friendly venues that could be perfect for your party.
  • Alternative venues: If you are looking for something a little bit different why not try a local restaurant or cafe, garden centre, sports club or school. These venues might even be able to offer some catering or a space that will match your party theme.
  • Ask your party entertainer for advice: At Oglee Poglee we are happy to help you to find the perfect party venue, it’s all part of the service. We have explored most of the venues in the local area and so can offer first hand advice and guidance