How can I encourage my child’s natural creativity without making a mess?

No matter how much we celebrate creative play here at Oglee Poglee, we know there are days when you just don’t want the kids to make a mess! What if we told you there are ways you can boost creative thinking and encourage their imagination without having to clear up afterwards? Here are our favourite no-mess ways to encourage creativity:

Use your bodies

One of the most incredible creative tools we have available at all times is: our body! Challenge your kids to move in new ways and get their creative skills going. What poses can they strike? What funny walks can they do? You could also pop on some music and have a kitchen disco! Dancing is a brilliant and mess-free way to boost creative thinking.

Encourage your children to think differently

Our creative skills grow when we are challenged to use new neural pathways in our brains and literally think in new ways. Any time we can encourage our children to think differently we are strengthening their creativity for life. The best way we can do this is to chat with our children. Be curious together, explore and investigate things together. Ask each other questions and imagine together. What does your child see? What do they think will happen next? What would they have done differently? You can apply these sorts of questions to every aspect of life, from watching a film to reading a story, cooking dinner together or watching a butterfly in a park.

Get creative outdoors

If you don’t want mess inside the house, take it outdoors. Take your paints on to the lawn or set up a water game on the patio; there’s no need to keep creative activities to the kitchen table.

Make the most of screen time

There’s no escaping the importance of tech in our day-to-day lives, and technology is only going to become more and more important to our kids’ futures. The good news is, screen time can be used to boost creative thinking too! While letting little hands get physical through crafts and active fun is preferred, the use of creative apps and creative TV shows have their place too.

Get a camera out

When it comes to tech use, photography is another fantastic way to sharpen their artistic eye without making a mess! Hand over your smartphone or invest in a simple digital camera they can point and shoot with. Let them have free rein and take photos of the things they find interesting and beautiful or give them prompts to complete a scavenger hunt (ie, 5 soft things, 5 circles… etc).

Champion imaginary play

If your keen to help your children become creative adults, don’t underestimate the importance of letting our kids be kids and play until their hearts are content. Plenty of imaginary play is key to creative thinking – and you don’t need to set anything up either! Let your children enjoy hours of free play where they take the lead and allow their creative juices to flow through imaginary scenarios and conversations.

Have a day out

Exposing our children to all sorts of different experiences is another way to boost creativity. We love going out for a family day out and seeing new things together. For ideas on places to go, read our blog ‘10 Attractions to Engage Their Imagination’.

Come to an Oglee Poglee workshop!

We know how hard it can be to find the motivation to set up creative opportunities for your children when you have to tidy up after. Come along to one of our kids creative workshops and you don’t have to deal with any of the mess! Your children will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in all sorts of creative activities based on our theme, while you watch on in wonder as you see their creativity unleashed. The smiles are priceless. Find out more about our workshops here.

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