Challenge Three: Rainbow Land


Oglee Pip is a curious little monster who loves exploring new things and going on adventures.  Saved by a magical unicorn and on his way to Rainbow Land, Oglee Pip is excited until he realises all is not what it seems.  What would you do if suddenly all the colour disappeared?

Download and print out the challenge pack, read through the guide, gather some craft supplies together and invite the kids to come and play.  Create something amazing then celebrate with a heroes badge and certificate. Each challenge acts as a creative prompt offering hours of creative playtime and creativity.



Each printable challenge pack contains an illustrated adventure story, problem solving sheets, design sheets, making guidelines, hero badge to make and ideas on how to extend your child’s learning through play.

You also receive a detailed guide outlining what resources you might need, how to set out the challenge and tips on how to fully engage the children and let their creativity shine.

The printable also contains links to our secret web page where you can download your free certificate and other freebies.

Challenge Three is a unicorn and rainbow theme but that doesn’t mean children will design something rainbow related!  Here are a few things that children have created so far

  • Owen and his family devised a plan. Mum made unicorn treats to entice the unicorn back whilst Owen made a spaceship so they could escape.
  • Connie and her dad created a colour bird that could fly over and sprinkle colours over everything.
  • Samuel created a robot to guide Pip around in the dark
  • Ottilie made colour glasses so that Pip could see in the dark and see all the colours again.
  • Daisy created a backpack with a gun that allowed you to spray colour everywhere.
  • Martha made Pip a lantern so that he wasn’t scared of the dark

No idea is too crazy and nothing is off limits…..rocket ships, colour machines, sweet treats, clothes, or a whole new language; Pip loves all your inventions.