Challenge Two: A Shrinking Feeling


As Oglee Pip’s adventure continues he finds himself in a new tricky situation.  Everything is huge and feels very strange, Pip is tiny and seems to be stuck inside a glass jar.

Download and print out the challenge pack, read through the guide, gather some craft supplies together and invite the kids to help Oglee Pip.  Junk modelling, drawing, sewing, sculpting… anything goes!  You can invent anything you like with any materials you have at home.

Don’t forget to celebrate with a heroes badge and certificate.



Each printable challenge pack contains an illustrated adventure story, problem solving sheets, design sheets, making guidelines, hero badge to make and ideas on how to extend your child’s learning through play.

You also receive a detailed guide outlining what resources you might need, how to set out the challenge and tips on how to fully engage the children and let their creativity shine.

The printable also contains links to our secret web page where you can download your free certificate and other freebies.

Challenge Two focuses on being small and trapped in a strange place. Here are a few things that children have created so far

  • For Charlie it was crucial that Pip escaped and so he invented a super ladder so Pip could climb out of the jar.  This ladder was cooler than most because it also had a slide and a trampoline that propelled you out of danger and onto your next adventure.
  • Luca also believed in a spot of magic and that this challenge needed unicorn power.  His colourful unicorn brought Pip a silver ladder and then together they flew away to safety.
  • Eve designed a working grapple hook using straws, a tube and string!
  • Martha focused on making Pip’s current situation more comfortable by carefully making a miniature bed and tin foil cutlery.
  • Genevieve and her cousin were a great team and together invented the “Re -Growinator”, which as its name suggests was to help Pip grow bigger.
  • Bree and Freya’s bouncy shoes were another inspired idea.

As usual Pip has been spoilt for choice with all the amazing inventions.