Our Story

Life’s too short to sit back and watch kids stifle their creativity. We’re here to bring messy, expressive, risk-taking wonder back to childhood and encourage outrageous curiosity the whole family can enjoy. It’s time to raise the future’s pioneers through creative fun! 


Hi, I’m Claire Gillespie, Founder of Oglee Poglee, mum of two boys, and a champion for unleashing kids’ creativity!  

As a creative myself – a former glass-blower, with a 3D Design Degree and 8 years’ experience managing arts events – I’m tired of seeing children have their natural creativity go unnurtured.   

Whether it’s the cookie-cutter activities of pre-school crafts, the neglect of creativity in school curriculums or, simply, the rhythm of modern family life leaving no room for curiosity… I know there has to be another way!  

Helping parents unleash their kids’ creativity

A way for children, and their families, to succeed while nurturing their imagination and being encouraged to express their ideas through creativity. A way where parents, educators and children are reunited through creative exploration and all see the value in it. 

Imagine what the world would look like if we were no longer living in fear of making mistakes? If we all embraced creativity as a means of exploring, experimenting, learning and having fun – just as children are naturally wired to! 

The world is changing fast. Life’s too short to sit back and watch our kids have to stifle their creativity in favour of good grades and preparation for future careers which may not exist…  

Creativity is the most-underrated skill in school and yet one of the most valuable tools in all areas of adult life. It’s not good enough. 

 Oglee Poglee’s aim is to lead the way for children, parents and educators to embrace creativity as the joyful future-building resource that it is.   

Will you join us? 

The Team


Claire is the Founder of Oglee Poglee. A former glass-blower, with a 3D Design Degree, 8 years’ experience managing arts events, crafting is in her blood. Her two boys encouraged her to bring her passions together – motherhood and creativity – and Oglee Poglee was born.

It’s hard to choose one!  I loved paper mache as a kid, all that squishy goo stuck to your fingers and the endless hours waiting for your creation to dry before you could paint it. Play dough is also awesome. You can make it in about 5 minutes and then spend hours making all sorts of crazy stuff with the kids.

A big yummy breakfast, a long walk in the woods then home for a game of something with my boys.  In the summer it’s  French cricket in the garden and in the winter it’s board games or Uno.  I am pretty competitive and love a good game.

Oglee Poglee is a word that’s been in my family since I was little.  It’s the word my mum used for anything when she couldn’t find something. “Where’s the Oglee Poglee” was often shouted in my house!  Ha ha fun times.

“ I want to say thank you for a great workshop yesterday! All 3 of mine loved it and got something out of it, which is hugely unusual being 6, 4 and 2!  See you again in half term!”

Hannah, St Albans